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Korea Town in Tokyo

If you want to experience Korea in the middle of Tokyo, then you should consider visiting Shin-Okubo. At first sight the place might seem ordinary, but then you realise that there is tons of K-pop shops, korean bibimbap and other foods, cosmetics, and the place is actually very difficult from other places in Tokyo.

So, on sunday, my friend from the share house was planning to go to the, so called, Korea Town. For me it sounded interesting, and as I have already visited South Korea a month ago, I thought this would be the perfect possibility for me to see if Korea Town in Tokyo actually was showing the real deal! We decided to leave our World Unite! share house at 5pm, walk to Kiba station, take the Tozai Line 10 stops to Takadonobaba Station, and then 1 stop with the JR line to Shin-Okubo Station, and then we were practically there! Very easy.

Socks and cosmetics

We walked out of the station, turned right, and then we were at a nice street with many colours and it looked different from other places. There were so many people, and the sound of K-pop was everywhere! We walked around and we could see K-pop shops, cosmetic shops, restaurants, cafes, and much more. One of the things I was looking for, in order to see if the place reminded just a little bit of Korea, was socks! Believe it or not! There are so many different funny and fancy socks in Seoul, and they are very cheap and original. And it was the same case here in Korea Town in Tokyo. The only real difference was the price. In Korea I could get 11 socks for 10.000 won (approximately 1000 yen), and in Korea Town, Tokyo, the prices I saw were 4 socks for 1000 yen! So, there is quiet a price difference. Another thing Korea is very popular for, is cosmetics, that was also to be found in Shin-Okubo, and the prices were not anything to complain about. I found really nice perfumes, nail polish, lipstick, lotions and much much more – and I will go back another day to check it out again, and maybe buy some of the nice things. 


I must say – Korean cuisine is amazing! It is spicy, it has a lot of taste and it is just nice! So of course we wanted to eat something in Korea town – it was a must! Our idea was to eat bibimbap – which is rice with some vegetables and what you would like.
But when we got to the restaurant, there were so many delicious options, so we ended out choosing Korean cheese ramen.
It was so spicy for me, but it tasted so good. It does look a bit funny, but I can say that it is a MUST to try! It is noodles in a spicy sauce and it has some few vegetables inside and then cheese on top. 

All in All

So, I can actually conclude that Korea Town in Shin-Okubo is very much like the real deal! The food is amazing, the socks are funny and original, the cosmetics are over the top, and the atmosphere is very Korean! So, now I am just waiting for it to be weekend again, so we can go to Korea Town again and try different food! 

About the Author 

Christina is 26 years old, originally Kenyan/Danish and she is currently interning for World Unite! in the Japan Tokyo Office. She is helping participants who do a Working Holiday in Japan through World Unite!, and when she is in the office she helps out with administrative work and social media marketing.


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