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Manga drawing and Japanese language course

Manga drawing and Japanese language course

In Tokyo, you can join a 1-3 months course combining MANGA DRAWING and JAPANESE LANGUAGE LESSONS!



The course is an exclusive cooperation between Mangajuku, the number one Manga School of Japan, located at Jimbocho in central Tokyo, which has brought fourth many professional manga artists, and a well-established Japanese language school.

For this course, a professional manga artist joins force with a bilingual (Japanese + English) coordinator, so you can join this course without having any Japanese language skills. While studying Japanese language in the mornings (20 hours per week), you learn how to draw manga characters, to develop storylines, draw backgrounds, from analog to digital. The manga drawing classes are in the afternoons (the 4 weeks course includes a total of 5 manga lessons; 8 weeks 10 manga lessons; 12 weeks 16 manga lessons x 120 minutes).

The course is available for everyone from the age of 15, both for complete beginners in drawing, as for those who are experts at drawing but would like to broaden their expertise in Japan.

Also, the language lessons exist for different levels, from beginner to upper intermediate.

The rates for the course (Japanese + Manga) are:

4 weeks: 154,000 Yen
8 weeks: 268,000 Yen
12 weeks: 392,000 Yen

The next start dates are:

July 5 and October 4, 2021
January 11, April 4, July 4 and October 3, 2022


Details about the course:

1. Orientation to the course and outlook of Japanese Manga

Self-introduction of the participants and orientation to the course. Exercises. Drawing with a dip pen, filling in procedure, whitening out with liquid and screentones.

2. Character faces

How to draw the face. Deformation theory and expressive techniques to show human feeling such as joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure.

3. Drawing the character as a whole

Positioning technique of the whole character. Head and body and their proportions. Deformation and attractive poses.

4. Character design 1

Methodology of characterization through fashion, body shape and hair style.

5. Character design 2

Drawing the character in different thema of Japanese Manga.


The 4 weeks course finishes here. If you continue, you will learn the following contents:

6. Character motion

Practice in drawing running characters. Practice in creating the side composition, or composing from a previous composition.

 7. Professional Character Design 

Actual hands-on experience with a professional manga artist. Lecture about the typical work of a professional manga artist.

8. How to draw the background

 The basic methodology of background art (clouds and skies trees and leaves, seas and waves. Shaving technique using screentone.

9. Scene allotment

Basic description of the panel layout. Trial production of 1 page scene allotment based on an existing story.

10. Digital production (monochrome)

Drawing Manga using “CLIP STUDIO PAINT”, a piece of computer software.
  The 8 weeks course finishes here. If you continue, you will learn the following contents:

11. Graduation project 1- monochrome (Draft)

Making a cover page of the manga in your debut as a professional manga artist. Drafting with a pencil.

12. Graduation project 2 (Pen lining)

Making a cover page of the manga in your debut as a professional manga artist. Pen lining, putting in title (in case of handwritten)

13. Graduation project 3(Digital color)1

Coloring of the project work by a computer. Coloring of the cover page.

14. Graduation project 3(Digital color)2

Completion of the digitally colored graduation project.

15. Field trip

Observation trip regarding manga history and viewing of videos for

drawing manga.

16. Final comment and graduation ceremony

Review and comment on each graduation project. Presentation of the completion certificate for the course.


Do you want to join this Manga Course? Contact us now!


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