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Affordable Japanese conversation language course for Working Holidaymakers in Tokyo!

Affordable Japanese conversation language course for Working Holidaymakers in Tokyo!

Affordable Japanese conversation language course for Working Holidaymakers in Tokyo!

World Unite! has launched an intensive Japanese conversation language course tailored specifically to the needs of those arriving in Japan on a Working Holiday visa. The aim is to enhance listening comprehension, speaking skills, and basic reading skills as rapidly as possible. Beginners can commence the course once per month and are welcome to participate for any duration ranging from 1 to 8 weeks, with rates that are very affordable.

We spoke with the lead language instructor, Megumi Taguchi, who also developed the educational materials, to learn more about the course.

Who is the course designed for?

The course is tailored to meet the needs of foreigners arriving in Japan on a Working Holiday visa. For them, possessing basic conversational Japanese skills can significantly broaden job prospects and income opportunities, enabling effective communication with Japanese customers or colleagues. They require rapid language acquisition and skills relevant to their circumstances.

Additionally, individuals undertaking internships with Japanese companies or engaging in volunteer work in Japan can greatly benefit from the Japanese conversation skills acquired through this course.

Given that we offer flexible enrollment options starting from just one week and do not impose costly registration fees, we also warmly welcome tourists or travelers interested in learning the Japanese language.

What aspects of the course do students most appreciate?

My students often expressed that the textbook structure was the most effective aspect of the course. They found it clear and understandable, allowing them to grasp the rules and independently construct sentences and conjugate forms. Moreover, they appreciated the additional homework and practice sheets customized to their individual needs, as it enabled them to focus on areas for improvement in their Japanese skills.

Could you please provide a brief overview of the course content?

The course offers fast-paced and intensive learning experiences beneficial for students’ daily lives. Students can book lessons from 1 to 8-week durations. If you are not a total beginner, but you already know a little, you can join a course after it has started. A placement test is available to ensure the appropriate level.

During the initial 2 weeks, students will acquire an understanding of basic Japanese sentence structure and word order. Each day, we will also be learning hiragana, with one column covered per day.

During weeks 3 and 4, you will acquire proficiency in various Japanese linguistic elements, including past tense, formal forms, continuous forms, te-forms, imperative forms, conditional statements (if, when, even though), causation, subjective and objective expressions, comparison, and interrogative sentence structures. Each day, we will also be learning katakana letters, with one column covered per day.

During weeks 5-8, you will have thorough review and practice sessions covering all previously learned forms, as well as opportunities to enhance your speaking and listening abilities. Furthermore, you will acquire proficiency in using a more formal speaking style enriched with advanced vocabulary, which is essential for working in Japan.

Can you share a bit about your background and experience?

With 2 years of experience teaching Japanese across 11 countries, I have taught in US colleges, Japan, and online platforms.

I am enthusiastic about implementing innovative teaching methods, such as creating my own textbook. My textbook is developed based on various feedback from my students. For example, I identify the most challenging aspects of learning Japanese from my students and strive to provide clear explanations of Japanese rules and systems in English. This approach helps students grasp concepts more rapidly and comprehensively. Additionally, clarifying the differences between English and Japanese structures and expressions enhances students’ understanding of the Japanese language.

What other options do students of this course have to improve their Japanese?

At no extra charge, we offer language exchange events twice a month and a social meetup once a month, fostering friendships and conversation partnerships.

Our cultural events, which come at a little extra cost, provide a deeper understanding of Japanese history and culture, offering diverse perspectives to enhance your learning experiences.

Students seeking higher proficiency levels after completing the 8-week course can access other schools that we cooperate with and continue their learning journey.

Thank you, Megumi for your insights!

😃 You can book the lessons via World Unite! Japan KK:



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