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Working Holiday – Farm Work in Japan

Working Holiday – Farm Work in Japan

Have you ever considered traveling to Japan to do farm work?

If you are interested in learning, enjoying, experiencing and having fun, this can be a perfect opportunity for you.

For many Japanese people, good food quality is of great importance, as well as knowing the origin of the food. With a job on a farm, you will be learning about these aspects. Furthermore, you can have the experience of living with a family at a farm and thereby also learn about the Japanese culture.

A job at a farm can be pre-arranged by World Unite!, and it is possible for you to choose if you prefer working on a big farm, or a smaller farm. These jobs do not require previous farm-work knowledge, but it does require a conversational level of the Japanese language. If you do not know a word of Japanese, or if you don’t have the confidence to speak Japanese, there is still no need to worry! You will have the chance to join a language course before you start working. During this language course, you will get to know as much Japanese as you wish and have time for, and you can expect to improve your newly acquired language skills even further once you start interacting with the farm workers at your new workplace.

So, what kind of work will you be doing?

There are different options you can choose from, and your tasks can include:

  • Working with horses, cows, or chickens. Your tasks can be feeding, cleaning, milking, cleaning the stables etc.
  • Growing cut flowers and ornamental plants
  • Seeding, growing and harvesting crops. These could include millet, corn or wheat
  • Planting fruits and vegetables, harvesting, and processing

For your work, the average salary ranges between 690-1500 Yen per hour.

The farm work jobs are full-time jobs, where you can expect to work 5-6 days per week, with an average working day of 7-9 hours.

How, and where will you live?

You will be accommodated at the farm where you work, and your meals are offered here too. The costs of accommodation and meals will be deducted from your salary, but since those costs are low you will still have enough salary left to save some money every month.

The kinds of accommodation and meal opportunities that you will have differ according to the farm you will be living at, but we will suggest farms according to your preferences:

  • With a farmer family or at a farm staff accommodation
  • In a single room or in a dorm room
  • Your meals may be cooked and ready to eat, or you may get raw food items that you can cook for yourself

Do You Want to Know More?

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